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by Clare
So encouraging and validating!

Gregory's reading spoke to me on a soul level. I had to wait quite a long time to get it and it was more expensive than other's I've had, BUT was magical in its insight. I would wait again (and will) and pay more if I had to. Can't say enough great things about it!

by Rich
Gregory knows his stuff!!!

I received a reading from Gregory 18 months ago (May 2017) and his guidance has been invaluable for those 18 months. During this reading Gregory mentioned something to me about the future, which is now, Nov 2018. Because of my individual circumstances, I reached out to Gregory again and he offered additional guidance for this time and confirmed my intuition. He also offered additional information/guidance I deem to be more than useful. You never let me down and you have always been correct with me Gregory. Thank you!!! Highly recommend you!

by Joanne

Gregory, thank you so much for the reading! You have given me a lot to think about and you fit SO much information in there :) Spot on, can't wait to start making changes and the perspective is so helpful. I'm going to have to do a reading with you once a year from now on! Thanks so much again, be well and we'll stay in touch.

by Rosangela
What A Pleasure

Having been an avid disciple of Gregory’s for many months now, tuning in every morning to listen to his general forecast, I was compelled to book a personal reading. Gregory’s ability to convey my ‘forecast’ in such a short amount of time was nothing less than stunning. Gregory is a true master. My only regret being that it wasn’t for longer! I could have listened to him for hours! Not to worry, there will be a next time. Thank you so very kindly Gregory ... I highly recommend whoever reads this review to book a reading - you won’t regret it. ❣️❣️❣️(make sure it’s at least an hour 😉)


In all the readings I've had over the years, I've never had one so profound, succinct, thorough and downright mind-blowing as the one with Gregory Scott. He went very in-depth about issues that were holding me back, and things I need to currently work on to get to the future I want. He's very specific and detailed, and it was like he knew me from the inside out. He's honest and forthright, and I can assure you that he'd never guide you wrong or say something just to have something to say (I love that he can see through the "crap" to get to the truth). Please check out his daily, weekly and monthly readings to see what I mean as he has the loveliest, most grounded energy! I personally think he's the best reader on the Internet, and in general, and I look forward to having more time with him over the years!

by Victoria Ninette
Gregory is a DREAM!

Gregory is a dream! I had such a wonderful session with him via Skype. His energy and general being was so calm, wonderful & present. Truly a joy to speak with. I've been raving about the reading since last week and I absolutely recommend him to all and everyone. THANK YOU !!!!

by Colin Tosh
If you are a sceptic you need to try Gregory

Wow. This guy is good. His reading not only gave a glimpse at current aspects of my life and advice for the future but also discovered something I have been secretly thinking about looking at. I only told one person I was thinking about exploring spiritual practices so you can't just bring up the subject through guessing. He is legitimate.He also explored other aspects I never requested him to or never thought he would look at including my previous life.Definitely worth it. I can't thank you enough. Best wishes Gregory.

by Randy G. Douglas
TMI !?!

Is it really "Too Much Information!” when you're getting insight into yourself? I received my 1 hour reading from Gregory and the abundance of information was fascinating. It has actually taken me a couple of weeks to take it in fully. Gregory's perceptive delivery using his tools of divination are fully in tune. You’ll be hanging on each word he utters as he's speaking directly to you as if you're sitting in front of him across from his desk. It's a wonderful blessing that he is here with us to assist in our guidance at this point in time. I would urge you to take advantage of his service getting your reading and you’ll thank yourself for following through. May the blessings of the Universe be with you!

by Gayle
An Intuitive Treat

Gregory’s reading was such a treat. His intuitive style permeated the hour, and I was so appreciative of his well-prepared and thoughtful presentation. As a regular consumer of his weekly broadcasts on YouTube, I was pleased to discover that his personality shone through even more brightly one on one. He was generous with his time, patient with my reflections on his reading, and enthusiastic for his work. He gave me several gifts through his insights, and I look forward to utilizing them over the coming decade. Thank you!

by Nicole
Don't hesitate have a reading by Gregory

I found Gregory's site a couple of weeks ago & had an inner guidance to give myself an early birthday present of an hour reading by him. The only question I wanted answered was "what is my purpose" & yet he gave me so much more, my money was well spent 😁 Gregory was clear, precise, very intuitive & knowledgeable in astrology & numerology. He was so good with reading my chart that he 'knew' me. I'm very grateful for my reading & would recommend anyone to have theirs done too. Thank you Gregory, I wish all your your dreams come true, love & blessings to you xoxo

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