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by Michael Barter

Thank you so much for doing my reading today. You eased my mind about my future and I feel much more comfortable with my upcoming surgery and our big move to Colorado. After Colorado... we plan to move to Montana or North Idaho to really retire hopefully. You are so spot on with your reading and you nailed so many things about me that no one would know without special Perception, Intuition, Knowledge, and Talent like yours. Continue your amazing work and I wish you everlasting happiness. I recommend that anyone who has questions about their life in any way that they should contact you. Blessings, Love and Light to you! Michael

by Jill

I had my natal, progressed, and transit chart read by Gregory. I cannot believe all the information. He was spot on with everything. I love his sense of humor! His accuracy and guidance is God given. Gregory has a special way of pulling a lot complex information into something you can understand. I was blown away by this and my life will never be the same. He helped me finally find my life purpose. He is so loving and sincere. If you are on the fence about having a reading with Gregory, please do not be - he is the real deal. Gregory - love and light to you always! May God continue to bless you as bless so many. I wish there were more than 5 stars.

by judith
Bringing the stars in heaven down to earh

This is the first astrological reading done for me where I could truly understand the effects that my chart has on my life and more importantly, how to use those insights to dance in power with those influences.

by David

I get quite a lot out of watching Gregory's YouTube videos, but I am thrilled that I signed up to have him do my natal chart. I was so impressed and moved by his analysis and advice, that I immediately signed up for a follow up progress chart and astrocartography. Wow. His readings are so wonderfully detailed and practical, and I got everything I could have hoped for from them. So much kindness and love comes forth from Gregory's messages. Plus, he has a really great sense of humor. I feel lucky that I found his YouTube channel, and grateful that I took the leap to contact him for the readings. If anyone is on the fence about trying him out, I would say go for it. Next time I think I shall have him do my Tarot.

by Carol Walker

Still blown away here, this lovely young man has a phenomenal talent. The astrocartography chart explains so much about the dilemma I found myself in, partners the horoscope perfectly, and now I feel reassured enough to cope with what's on my plate at the moment and use this experience as a springboard to fulfill my life purpose.... now I know what it is!! Love and appreciation in abundance to you Gregory. 5 stars just aren't enough.

by Elke
Clear words!

Gregory described a situation in a way that I better know what's going on and how things can unfold. He didn't tell me what to do but how to handle the case. I think this was the best way to set me free - thanks for your help, dear!

by Louise Crazycailin
Mr Wonderful

I find life a bit of a struggle and listening to Gregory helps me stay grounded and take life step by step I followed his advice from my personal reading and it has changed my life and outlook. I love his handsome face and kindness.
Thank you ☘

by Suzanne
You're awesome. Thank you!

Your daily tarot readings have literally given me *life* for the last two years. I wanted to thank you by ordering a reading. It was so great to connect with you on Skype in real-time. I love your attention to detail, super practical and applicable advice, and spot-on intuitive nature. Plus your humor is a real treat, every day! Thank you so very much and may you continue to be blessed and share your blessings with the good people you come across. Much love and respect, Gregory! Thank you!!

by Tai

GREGORY gave the best advice in relationship reading!! He's legit real and I enjoyed the talk with him today. Once again Thank you Gregory for the reading today.

by Helen
for the next steps.....read this

I am still amazed by what Gregory has told me today about important transitions. Also themes where I better focus on what’s important now in my life. All my questions are abundantly answered, sometimes I thought, oh, how does he do it in such a short time, it was super! [detailed info]
He takes details in mind and gave me also an example from a previous lifetime in Rome what gives me a better idea about my life for now & my soul destination. Also a lot of practical information where I can feel and understand the deeper truth for me - accurate derived from the star sensitive and spiritual, which I truly feel on a deeper level. That is very valuable for me. (oh yes I'm planning my trip :) X0X0)
Thank you Gregory - I'll recommend your love and light to anyone on his/her journey…!
Grzz from The Netherlands

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