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by Marianne Rucker

I just watched my astrology reading video from Gregory. He covered all my concerns and questions without reservation. What I like about Gregory's reading is that it is uninhibited and candid. He does an excellent job of delivering the messages he gets from spirit. I am very grateful for Gregory's ability to do this and grateful to spirit for guiding me to Gregory.

by Emerald Walker

I found out about Gregory from James Tyberonn and Earthkeeper. It took several weeks to get an appointment, and my questions included my family and possible places to move to. Gregory wasn't sure that this could all be accommodated in my hour reading, and he was up front about his reservations. His reading was clear, concise, and to the point, and he did in fact manage to answer my questions. I appreciated the whole reading, specially the insight which made me rethink of destinations past and future in a new light. If I could, I would give this as a present to several people!!! E.W.

by Michael Mills
Generous and wise

Gregory’s analysis of my chart was clear and helpful. He also offered a voice of wisdom that addressed very specific issues about my journey (issues that I do not think I would have spoken about on my own). My overall feeling is one of being nurtured, while at the same time being encouraged to face my own truth. Gregory is a generous and wise guide.

by Minniechemistry
Excellent Solar Return Insight

Gregory Scott is by far the most superb Astrologer; insightful, truthful, elegant, intelligent, and caring. He provides great detail in his explanations, magnetically synthesizing the complexities of the chart in an easy comprehensible manner. From the first reading, I have been in awe of his amazing gifts. He answers the difficult to answer, probing questions with skill and mastery. Amazingly, his insight has never been wrong. I highly recommend him.
Thank you Gregory for sharing your gifts and time. Your ability to guide me through some of the difficulties I've had in the past few months has given me hope to weather the storm. I'm looking forward to the promising year as detailed by my solar return reading.

by Emily H
Thank you Gregory!

Since finding Gregory on YouTube last year I've been meaning to book a birth chart reading with him for awhile now. I am so happy that I finally did! What a wonderful experience. His reading today provided so much clarity during such a transitional period in my life. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!

by Brook Lewis
Straight A's !!!!!

I just finished my first personal reading with Gregory. It was Astoundingly accurate, awesome and affirming!! I have been a follower of Gregory's daily tarot for the past year and found them extremely helpful during what was a very painful and challenging year. I decided to book a reading with him to delve a little deeper into my chart and progressed years ahead. From across the continent , through a video- I felt like he read me like an old, dear friend!!! I HIGHLY trust and recommend Gregory for readings of any kind. I will definitely look forward to continuing to use his skilled astro, intuitive and Tarot work for future support and guidance. THANK YOU SO MUCH GREGORY SCOTT!!

by Monica

So grateful, Gregory. Really needed this reminder !! You "speak" my language ... big thanks/ Hug Monica

by Sherri
Inspired & Inspiring

Thank you so much for the thorough, kind, professional and inspired 45 minute reading. The information and concrete recommendations Greg offered were incredibly grounding, insightful and inspiring. I also appreciate Greg's generosity of spirit and time. Highly recommended; don't bother with the rest, get it right the first time and see Greg.

by Nancy

Yep...you nailed it...working on the compassion thing😂..thanks for a great reading!

by D.D.
super informative

Gregory was incredibly accurate about current situations. More importantly he was clear and concise. Not wishy washy or vague and indirection. He was very clear about what he saw in my chart. He answered my questions as well.

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