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by Elizabeth Adair
Thanks for the clarity

Thank you Gregory for making the jumble of where I am going straighten out to a clear path with priorities.
I now feel excited about traveling in the right direction.

by Esther
tears of gratitude

Gregory, thank you so much for this most insightful and phenomenal reading! My tears were flowing out of gratitude and amazement! What a perfect analysis of my birth chart! It's just mindblowingly awsome. Thank you so much for that helpful and wonderful reading.
Love Esther

by Emma

What I love about Gregory is that his readings are Spiritual... This is such a hugely important feature of a good reading in these higher frequency times! Thank-you Gregory!

by Diane

I was confident I would receive a good reading from Gregory based on the multiple videos I have watched and benefited from. I was completely blown away with the quality of the reading I received. It was spot on, provided me with direction, choices, and so much more. I typically don't provide feedback publicly but felt compelled to encourage others that are considering this. Thank you Gregory, you are a blessing.

by Martin

A very interesting reading. I was told that I was Pisces rising before now, but Aries (as you say) makes some sense to me. It's all about choices...

by Cathy Van Voorhis

Gregory, (and anyone on the fence about getting a reading) - I am speechless over how spot on and detailed this was on so many levels, past, present and future was mindblowingly awesome! I love the way he translates what's usually very confusing into a practical application for every day use. I feel like the blinders have been lifted and I feel so empowered to live my best life! I am so grateful. I just wish I'd done this sooner (like 10 yrs ago)!!! Gregory, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your true gift! I will be back time and time again!
Much Love,

by Angharad
Down to Earth and Just What I Needed

Thank you so much for your truly insightful reading. You really got to the heart of what is going on and your straight forward advice is so practical and doable that it has calmed my fears and helped me to feel more serene about where I am going. I am sincerely grateful.

by Blake
Gregory Scott: 10 Star Testimonial

Gregory gave an absolutely phenomenal reading. I gave him as little information as possible and he came back with a spot on confident analysis of the heavens and the path the Universe has in store for my lifeline. If one understands Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Intuition etc...Gregory is YOUR Oracle. 10 STAR RATING!!!!!!!

by Debra
Amazing and such a blessing

Gregory, You are amazing and so perceptive. Thank you for such a wonderful insightful reading. You've given me much to think about and I am grateful. Much Love to You!

by Lindsay
Gifted, fun, grounded, wise

I'm writing this review months after my last reading w Gregory. I have done three now and am blown away by Gregory's talent and accuracy. He is truly a gifted astrologer and intuitive and provides his readings in such a grounded, fun, non-threatening, and safe feeling way. He makes me laugh, gives me hope, and sometimes - provides the tough knowledge I need to hear to set my heart and soul free. I'm truly impressed by Gregory Scott and hope to continue to call him for a long time to come. Thank you, Gregory, for your wisdom, humor, grace, and sharing your light w me and the world. Xox!

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