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by Deborah Gill
My Reading with Gregory

My reading with you was not only spot on but also healing and inspirational... This I am able to say after waiting to write this testimonial on April 26th, 2017 from my reading in December 2016. Your gift, your talent and you as a person has touched my life and given me much. I thank you Gregory!

by Rose
Phenomenal Astrologer!

My 30 minute reading with Gregory was simply phenomenal! He is incredibly talented with a kind and gentle soul. He offered me great insight and clarity through my natal chart analysis and other personal questions. A true gem indeed. I would highly recommend him.
Thank you so much Gregory for my reading. I am looking forward to consulting you again for my future trends via solar return and progressed charts with transits.

by Lorraine Marcketta

I'm still in the afterglow of the amazing hour spent with Gregory and, while it may seem a bit exaggerated, I've got to say that this astrological reading has overwhelmed me. Gregory read my chart, pulling together past and present, with a cohesive path to the future - all in a very logical, gentle and clear manner. His ability to carefully verbalize life's complexities provided me with a sense of enthusiasm for the future. When I booked my reading, I had a particular question in mind regarding my ongoing life path and feeling as though I'm on the cusp of change. Every aspect covered was spot on. Truly wonderful, and I'll definitely be back in touch with Gregory as I move forward on a new and exciting life path. Thank you, Gregory!

by Marie
Clear and practical advice, true insight

I received Gregory's reading at a point in my life where I have to make several major life decisions. His guidance was so clear and firm that I cannot thank him enough for the help he is providing. I felt very secure and truly listened to, and Gregory made sense of my birth chart and my natural aptitudes in a way that far exceeded my expectations. It felt like he had known me for a long time and he clearly pointed the way to my life purpose that immediately resonated with me.
Also, he called me on skype exactly on time and made the whole procedure very easy and smooth. I much appreciate that he sent me an audio recording of our session immediately afterwards, too.
I highly recommend getting a reading by this kind, generous and truly gifted soul to everyone.
Thank you so much again, Gregory, stay blessed and I am looking forward to consulting you again in the future and to your videos :)

by Benna
Guidance at it's finest!

I am so grateful to have discovered Gregory Scott! He is a remarkable talent with a kind soul. From the moment we spoke I felt on an elevated plane. He offered me great insight and clarity to my life, into my future. I had a skype reading which he thoughtfully followed up with a recording of our session. True Excellence! I highly recommend.

by Lynne
Insightful. Inspirational. Impactful.

Highly recommend Gregory. After watching his tarot and astrological videos which are insightful, funny, and uplifting, I decided to book a reading. He was not not only profoundly accurate, he offered suggestions on how to utilize my gifts; described my inner needs and drives... to the "t". I now realize how these needs affected my decision making most of my life. Like someone turning on windshield wipers to clear away the rain and mud that accumulates over time, I can see more clearly now where I am going and how to avoid the potholes along the way. I truly appreciate the warm, positive, practical and impactful manner in which Gregory delivers deep truths. 2 big thumbs up. So grateful to have found him. Great advisor. Great advice.

by Olivia

Gregory's reading brought me some light in a very foggy moment of my life. Thank you for your insights :-)

by Brandee

My 30 minute reading with the Gregory was so special! It's been one month and his chart reading and answers to my questions were precise and clear and now are not future wonders but present and accounted for! Gregory translates your chart and messages with such a kind "bed side manner" and shares so freely. I am grateful for his daily tarot and videos and looking forward to my next reading. THANK YOU, Gregory, for sharing and being YOU!! Light and Love, Brandee

by Kerina Epperly
Truly Brilliant

Gregory Scott is truly brilliant. He uses a combination of Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot to provide a comprehensive, intuitive insight into your character as depicted by the synergies of the planets, houses, signs, and aspects of your natal chart. His ability to translate this complex language is like watching a skilled Ballet dancer: smooth, graceful, and beautiful. I have been looking for a good astrologer for sometime. In my previous readings from other Astrologers, I felt something was lacking. Most Astrologers would state you should do this or that without any explanation as to why. Gregory provides the why. If you are looking for an excellent astrologer who will give you insight into your psyche in a positive and friendly manner, I highly recommend Gregory Scott. After my first reading with him I know I have finally come to the end of my search for a good Astrologer as I have not only found a good Astrologer but an excellent Astrologer.

by Carrie
Consistently Invaluable

Gregory Scott always delivers incredible readings. Every reading I receive is thorough and satisfying and enjoyable. His talent is undeniable, especially if you have had a few readings, you know how accurate they are. I absolutely love my personal readings from Greg! Looking forward to more! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. You are amazing! Love and laughter, Carrie

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