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by Cindy
Thorough, grounded, trustworthy delight

I'd listened to GS's YouTube readings for a couple years before scheduling a private reading. Though the bar was high, he exceeded my expectations. Gregory Scott is efficient, professional and articulate, while at the same time filled with heart. He clearly has found his calling and we all are lucky for it! I drank up every word, much of what he said resonated with my own gut or what I hadn't really admitted consciously. He pushes in a playful but firm way. Speaking of setting the bar high, he has high standards for himself and it shows, and he wants us to strive and succeed, too. I'll be calling upon his services again for sure. Thank you, Gregory, for the reading, for all you do on YouTube and for emitting such positive vibrations into the universe.

by Beth
So much Gratitude

I learned so much from my session with Gregory and feel blessed by the decision to get a reading with him. Throughout our session he was attentive to my questions and straight forward and thoughtful in his answers. Over the course of our hour Gregory covered future transits to help me understand what is up ahead, shed light on what work will be best for me, and provided insight into my relationship and family life. Also, Gregory gave guidance on where (geographically) I can find the most success and told me exactly what the key to my good fortune will be (in my case, meditation and spirituality). He even provided a lens into a previous lifetime. I recommend Gregory to anyone seeking specific and thorough revelations about what can be learned from their natal chart. Many thanks Gregory for all the work you do and for this reading!

by Isobelle Lauder

I have had a one hour reading with Gregory and I am amazed at the information he brought forward and the insight to help me on my forward journey. I have listened to the recording 4 times and am still finding nuggets of information I did not take on previous readings. Well worth booking a reading.

by krysti
Spot On

I just had a reading with Gregory today and he was spot on. I have watched his youtube readings many many times and was inspired by his knowledge and insight. His reading was exactly the same way. He basically validated everything I felt and was able to intuit things I have thought about, as well as tell me things I never even thought about, but which totally made sense. My only regret is that it wasn't longer. I booked a 30 minute and he was definitely able to give me plenty of info, but I wish I had longer to talk to him to gain more insight. He is very gifted and extremely intuitive. I would recommend him to anyone for any type of reading. He will absolutely be a huge help. I have major anxiety and I felt a thousand times better after talking to him and feel like I have a clear picture of my path. Thank you so much, Gregory!!!!!

by Grisella

What a lovely and inspiring reading! Gregory you have such a gift. This reading I can honestly say has changed my life. I am processing so much but have already told my wife that she needs a reading with you! Bless you and much love and light to you.

by Deanna

Talking with Gregory is like talking with a good friend. He is forthright in his readings and makes you feel like your life paths have always been together. I felt like I could finally exhale and move forward in my life after talking with him. With the utmost gratitude...

by Oxana
Talented Reader

Thank you so much Gregory for a spot on and a helpful reading. So greatful to come across such gifted people as yourself. Highly recommend! All the best and keep on doing what you are doing.

by Jacquie
Incredible and very grateful...

I am so impressed with the reading Gregory did for me. He is very thorough and brings great clarity to my chart and life purpose. He is detailed, sensitive and thoughtful when answering my questions. Amazed at his gift and thankful he shared it with me. Just booked a reading for another family member!

by Spunky Sagittarius
Very thorough

Terrific time with Gregory! Very thorough reading in all aspects of my chart. I appreciate the time and responsiveness he gave to all of my questions. I have plenty to process now and am glad I had the chance to get his input. Love and Light to you!

by Bindi
Grateful and insightful and hopefilled!

Decided to finally get a reading from Gregory as I have been a big fan of his work! I was amazed at the accuracy & insights Gregory had for me, he explained everything about my chart, my personality, types of jobs I would be suited to, as well as intuitively picking up things I had not divulged.
He offered hope and has made me feel excited about my future! Thank you Gregory! So if you've been thinking of getting a reading, go ahead, you will be grateful!

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