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by Christine Valentine
Best reading EVER!!!

I learned more about myself in 2 hours with Gregory Scott, than in my entire existence in Therapy. His explanation of the cards and astrology in my chart was clear, direct, specific, and scarily accurate. He answered my questions with confidence, great detail, and without hesitation/fishing. Both readings have helped so much, that I'm debating scheduling them like a mental health oil change.
Gregory Scott is not only an incredibly gifted divination expert, he is one of the most genuine and kindhearted kindred spirits you will ever have the pleasure of speaking with. In both of my experiences with Gregory, I felt like an old friend... not a client. Now that, my friends, is where it's at. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and have a reading with Greg. I promise you wont need nearly as much therapy afterwards. xoxo

by Molly
Loved my reading by Gregory!

I really enjoyed my reading by Gregory. I love how he combines astrology and intuition to give insight and advice. He is very thorough and funny! loved it, Thank you so much!

by lw

Gregory's insights correlated with a specific situation that had been troubling me. Through Gregory's intuitive guidance, there was a definite shift in my approach; I see things from a different angle which I believe will be of great help. I am very grateful to him.

by Kenneth de la Vergne
Feeling Alive Again

I feel so much lighter and more positive since taking Gregory’s words to heart. I just listen to the recording again and realized how accurate my horoscope and Reading Really are after just one month of taking his advice. Thanks for being so spot on Gregory!

by Nico
Encouraging and Spot On

Super impressed with my reading with Gregory, he tapped into everything I had been questioning and it was super insightful and provided such clarity to have my birth chart explained. Feeling very optimistic and encouraged to continue on the path I have recently taken and would highly recommend. Thanks so much Gregory!

by Patricia Turner Smith

Gregory, your reading was wonderful, I didn't tell u much but u picked up on everything I was concerned about & gave me courage to continue with building my townhouse, I am an artist & also do palmistry/astrology readings but it's hard to interpret for myself, but I recognise someone else with psychic talent & you are very gifted & have an uplifting spirit! I am single but you've given me hope of finding someone in future! Thank you for your inspiring reading!

by Linda
Amazing Indepth Reading!

I had an amazing reading today with Gregory Scott. Gregory combined his vast knowledge of astrology, numerology and his gift of intuition in reading my birthchart--everything was spot on! All of my questions were addressed throughout the hour long reading. His insights validated answers to my questions. He provided clear, concise indepth information of my chart on a soul level and offered guidance as to how to move forward on my path. His delivery is upbeat, practical and straight forward with a bit of wit. I am so thankful to have received this reading. I am looking forward to hearing the mp3 file so that I can process all of the information. I highly recommend Gregory's work. Many blessings.

by Lana Wood
Spot on

I could not have asked for a more spot on reading! Everything my gut and heart was telling me came out in the reading. I never even mentioned what was the underlying problem was, and it came out in the reading! Gregory Thank You So Much for helping me get back on the right path!

by ligia
Reading & Rectification of birth Chart

Phenomenal! Absolutely phenomenal is the work of Gregory Scott! Gregory has a honest and pure energy that it is vivid in his work as a divination expert, his intuitive work in key and his knowledge of astrology in combination of tarot cards and numerology is just amazing! Gregory's work is a life changing game for anyone that needs guidance and direction in their own life path or in any area of life. I extremely recommend his work!

by Cindy Owens
Thank you!

My reading with Gregory was a thoughtful gift from my boyfriend. Gregory’s bright light, knowledge and intuitiveness was certainly a gift that will continue to give. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend time listening to Gregory and sharing heartfelt thoughts and concerns. He is comforting and encouraging. Thank you, Gregory, for the many ways you encourage us to recognize and be our genuine selves.

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