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by Blake
Gregory Scott: 10 Star Testimonial

Gregory gave an absolutely phenomenal reading. I gave him as little information as possible and he came back with a spot on confident analysis of the heavens and the path the Universe has in store for my lifeline. If one understands Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Intuition etc...Gregory is YOUR Oracle. 10 STAR RATING!!!!!!!

by Debra
Amazing and such a blessing

Gregory, You are amazing and so perceptive. Thank you for such a wonderful insightful reading. You've given me much to think about and I am grateful. Much Love to You!

by Lindsay
Gifted, fun, grounded, wise

I'm writing this review months after my last reading w Gregory. I have done three now and am blown away by Gregory's talent and accuracy. He is truly a gifted astrologer and intuitive and provides his readings in such a grounded, fun, non-threatening, and safe feeling way. He makes me laugh, gives me hope, and sometimes - provides the tough knowledge I need to hear to set my heart and soul free. I'm truly impressed by Gregory Scott and hope to continue to call him for a long time to come. Thank you, Gregory, for your wisdom, humor, grace, and sharing your light w me and the world. Xox!

by Maria
Amazing !!

I cannot express how thankful I am for the reading you gave me. I am still in awe. You gave such insight and you truly love what you do.
The words, Thank you, cannot express enough how I felt about the reading . It was simply AMAZING !!! You described exactly how I was feeling and the way things are working out. Gregory- you truly have a special gift.

Love and light

by nina
Very helpful reading

I would like to thank you for your reading Gregory. You are a very knowledgeable person and if it comes to human's nature you know how to psychologically go about many subjects.
Everyone needs some advice some times. I did not waste money or time. You encourage me with my personal development. The reading had a structure based on your knowledge and intuition which you tailored to my situation I am now in. You answered my questions on very subtle level in a very understandable way.
Everyone who is sceptical of whether they would pay for such a service like an intuitive reading, I would say yes in Gregory's case. What Gregory did it was like putting some jigsaw puzzles together.
The reading was a way to understand myself better and to find my own potential in all the chaos I've been in. It was very good Gregory and I wish you well. Nina.

by Mayea
What a gift!

Thank you, Gregory, for your insight and for sharing your talents with us here on earth. It's easy to get lost in the trials of our lives and I am so grateful for your commitment to spirituality and for reminding us all to connect with the higher source. You gave me a great amount of clarity and reassurance with your reading and I am eternally grateful.

by Jaqui

I love Gregory's YouTube videos which is why I decided to have a reading with him. It was absolutely amazing. I can now understand why he calls them Intuitive Astrology Readings - yes, amazing accuracy on the astrology, but just tapped into how it was all relevant to me, especially at this time. I love the way he helps using instances from his own life, but even more, I love the way Gregory's eyes just lit up when he spotted something else astrologically that totally supported the reading he was given. Thank you so much Gregory, will be back in touch some time in the future, I'm sure.

by Elizabeth Abels
Thank you, Gregory, for the difference that you make!

Gregory offered so much insight into my chart and the impact it has on my daily life. His manner is conversational, like chatting with a friend, all the while telling me things I needed to hear and answering my questions.

This reading with Gregory is something I will always remember, and that makes it well worth the time and money spent. I am most grateful for the experience and cannot recommend it to others strongly enough.

Yours is a beautiful soul, Gregory! I wish you continued success and abundance in all things...both personal and professional!!

by Leigh Ann Lynam

Thank you so much for your reading, Gregory! It was really amazing!!! It was so beautiful, uplifting and inspiring that I was in tears. You have an brilliant gift! You are also a real sweetheart!

Many blessings, love and light dear one,

Leigh Ann

by Preeti

Many thanks for a sensitive, insightful and compassionate reading. Completely non-judgemental and very thorough, an excellent 1st experience!
Wishing you Gregory a happy and successful future helping others, I hope you find your own happiness as you bring so much comfort to so many lives.

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