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by Oliver heshalov
truly moving

Gregory's reading today meant so much to me. I have felt stuck for some time, and the way that he connected with me and my chart helped illuminate my current situation as well as what is to come. I would really recommend doing a personal reading with him, even if you are having a voice of doubt telling you not to, he speaks from a place of love and light.
Thank you Gregory!

by Chryseis Golden
We love Gregory 💕✨🔮💜

I received my reading just after my 30th birthday and Gregory is a true gem 💎 of a human! My sisters and I listen to it and reference often and love Greg so much that have subsequently ordered readings for all of us and each time though they be months and months apart and being we know each other so very very well we are blown away with how awesome and accurate and timely and necessary and synchronous everything that he has to say has been. We are so grateful we’ve been able to afford this gift. I’m listening to part of mine right now and as I grow and move I realize how incredibly accurate and wonderfully useful the information really is! Thanks a million glittering stars ✨ Gregory✨✨✨✨✨✨ Can’t wait for an in person, maybe when I’m 40 😻💕🙌🏼✨

by Aziz

I really benefited a lot from Gregory's reading which was not only a natal chart but also comprised of a tarot reading an numerology. He answered all my questions and catered to all of my queries. I would definitely recommend him and I am certain that I will ask him for a reading whenever I need an honest and intuitive one. Thank you Gregory.

by Aadhavan
A complete guidance

So far, I have had 3 readings with Gregory and every time I talk to him, I felt communicating with a life guide directing me in the proper direction for the destined life purpose. He is more like a family member to me now and takes care of life situations, guides and channels my life journey with his gift. Truly, he is such an asset for the world population and having a conversation or even just following him through social media, one could feel his essence and his love.

by Catherine
Sincere Gratitude

Gregory's reading was amazingly accurate, shockingly sensitive and truly insightful. I do not know really what I was expecting, or hoping for, from the reading, but he surpassed it. My sincere gratitude for his insight and guidance during this time of transition.

by Marie

Gregory answered an important question and did a rectification of my time of birth, both very illuminating. And when he added the astrocartography and numerology in the mix, the revelations rang true and profound. Even when you communicate with him via e-mail, you can sense the kindness people talk so much about in their testimonials. Kindness and respect for everyone's journey. Thank you!

by Helen O'Keefe

I was amazed at how accurate Gregory was with the things that I could confirm. Every question was addressed and I was very happy with the reading. Gregory is so tuned in with the universe. I would highly recommend his readings. Thanks for your openness and authenticity Gregory.

by Helen Crawford
My yearly reading

As always Gregory spot on with my past and present which makes me excited for the future reading to come to fruition! Thank you for being clear, thorough and kind during the reading! It gave me the boost I needed! Thank You Thank You Thank You ! Sending you Love and light! Helen x

by Karyn B.
Spot on!! I have made the changes

Gregory gave a spot on reading and addressed every (and I do mean every) question that I had, and he did it miraculously within the 45 minute reading. I have ended a toxic relationship as a result of his confirmations, I am motivated to complete my book, know that my two boys will have fabulous lives, and am comforted in knowing I will meet my special someone in this life time. Gregory is truly a gifted expert in his field. I am now at peace and hopeful again about my life. Love and light to you Gregory. ~Karyn

by Poppy

Gregory gave an incredible reading. So attentive, informed, detailed and fun! He’s an absolute gem of a man and an utter pleasure to interact with.
Thank you so much for all you do, Gregory. You go over and above and I am eternally grateful.

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