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by Gayle
An Intuitive Treat

Gregory’s reading was such a treat. His intuitive style permeated the hour, and I was so appreciative of his well-prepared and thoughtful presentation. As a regular consumer of his weekly broadcasts on YouTube, I was pleased to discover that his personality shone through even more brightly one on one. He was generous with his time, patient with my reflections on his reading, and enthusiastic for his work. He gave me several gifts through his insights, and I look forward to utilizing them over the coming decade. Thank you!

by Nicole
Don't hesitate have a reading by Gregory

I found Gregory's site a couple of weeks ago & had an inner guidance to give myself an early birthday present of an hour reading by him. The only question I wanted answered was "what is my purpose" & yet he gave me so much more, my money was well spent 😁 Gregory was clear, precise, very intuitive & knowledgeable in astrology & numerology. He was so good with reading my chart that he 'knew' me. I'm very grateful for my reading & would recommend anyone to have theirs done too. Thank you Gregory, I wish all your your dreams come true, love & blessings to you xoxo

by Miho
Very thorough reading

Thank you very much, Gregory!
Your reading was very thorough and detailed.
The reading encouraged me to be confident and strong.
I was amazed your Astrology explanation got me to connect to the universe.

by Suzie
I am at peace

I had questions about the life transition I'm currently experiencing and what lies ahead. Gregory was able to give a great deal of insight about what may be the most suitable path for me to follow. He was just as kind and loving in person as he is in his videos and I am very happy I made the investment to speak with him.

by Alejandra Murillo Jimenez
Healthy Lifestyle and Tasty Food for the World

Dear Gregory,
Thank you very much for your reading and intuition message
I made the question on leaving banking and opening a healthy restaurant. The next day I paid for your reading I left the bank, the decision was made by them since they could not pay my salary anymore. I was so confused and sad, since I live in Dubai I was even thinking to go back to Bogota my hometown, with no salary I was not felling great...
Than I just left for vacations and totally re-charged energies, I got 2 consultancy projects that allow me to support myself for the time being to move on and conquer my dream! I decided to continue with the restaurant by myself! Yes, before you even told me on the reading. I loved when you spoke to your guides and I felt it was surely a message for me, Thank you !
Now, I will contact some people to find the funds to make this happen. As per your reading, my business should be on break even in September moment when I promise I will buy a longer session as a Thank You gesture from my side and I will ask you about Love and Family which is my next important mission in life :)
Wishing you all the best !

by Harsha
Loved his guidance!

Just One word Greg is THE Best !!
I have no words to explain the experience I had with his readings. His power of understanding things so well, exactly the same what you wanted to convey is amazing. The best part what I felt is his main objective is to help people which actually fulfill the purpose of his service. He gets connected with our problems and throws the rays of light of his insights, guidance & encouragement that will actually make you feel motivated and thank him from your heart post his reading... & so here a heartfelt thanks Greg.
I hope we speak soon again!! Take care.

by Diane
Course Correction Download

Gregory was delightful to Skype with and receive a Birth Chart reading. When he says he can helicopter into specific qualities for career pursuit, he is not blowing smoke. He helped put clarity and confirmation on many things I've felt and now can carry on with confidence. I've been struggling with choice of direction and his reading help to laser point the way. I heard the term "Course Correction Download" and that is what it felt like having a reading by Gregory. He gave me a large breadth of information that I can immediately put into action as well as a forecast of what is coming. Go for the hour reading, you will be glad you did!

by Jeannie
He's an amazing blessing from the Universe

Don'ever hesitate to book a reading for having this AMAZING accurate, loving, wise, deep, spontaneous reading from the heart of Gregory!
I'm super glad and it took me a week to make this review, cause I'm still impressed and immensely happy with the clearity and the insights. That I'm able to replay the reading and listen to it as many times I want, is so worthy! Although I knew already things about my life through horoscopes, I now was apparently ready to hear the beautiful clear messages from this loving and light personality. He's is so quick in tuning in, it makes me humble and excited at the same time.
Wish you all the best from under the starsky, Gregory, and thank you for your daily showering of your divine expression, you deserve the highest heavenly life experiences for your personal life; thank you so much for your consistent effort for mankind: making this a happy place and time with your insights! With love from the Netherlands till the stars and beyond, xxx!!

by Karin Fagien

Thanks Gregory, You were so very helpful and I feel I'm so much closer to my path. My biggest struggle is my working with my sister...
I told you I quit on July 31, 2017 but I CHICKEN OUT! I didn't make it "again".
But I'm so very thankful for your reading, it has helped. I will take your advice and try try again until I make it. I listen to you almost everyday,
which you're so right on..

by Laura
Complete Awe!

Gregory, you are a blessing!

I asked for a 60-minute video to focus on my career and finances and you gave me so much more. Not only did you answer my (very vague) questions, but you were able to help me make sense of things I’ve wondered about myself my entire life. (I finally know why I’m so sensitive and can use that to fulfill my life purpose, yay!)

You also did all of this with humor and an incredibly warm presence. I am so glad I decided to have you do my very first reading ever. I will definitely be reaching out to you in the future.

Sending you much love and hugs from ‘across the pond’. - Laura

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