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by Kirsty
Fantastic reading!

I recently had a video reading with Gregory. He answered all the questions I asked and gave me clarity about a lot of issues surrounding my life purpose and career. I have struggled my whole adult life trying to figure out what direction to take my career as many paths never felt like the right fit for me. Gregory's reading helped me understand my unique nature and exactly why I have had this problem. He was able to give me excellent guidance about what career options were best for me. I feel very excited now, because I know I am moving forward in the right direction and living my life purpose. Thank you, Gregory for a fantastic reading!

by Helen
Phenomenally Gifted Reader

Had the pleasure of meeting with Gregory today and he completely exceeded my expectations (which were quite high to start!).

He is so thorough and professional, yet completely relaxed and relatable. He talked me through aspects of my chart I've never heard of before and gave me practical examples of ways to work with these aspects.

I absolutely recommend Gregory Scott to anyone looking to learn more about themselves. He is a truly gifted individual.

by Monika
Amazing - as predicted!

I can easily say that Gregory's reading was very accurate and helped enormously to uncover the influence of Black Moon Lilith which is constantly fighting my intuition to the degree that it is palpable - but until now, was very confusing.
In fact it is not a reading but its interpretation that is very intuitive, and I can totally recommend it to anybody who wants to discover another layer of themselves.

by Wendy

Gregory, if I told you that you are amazing, it would definitely be an understatement! The video reading that you did for me was so accurate, that it seemed as if you had known me for a lifetime. Your assessment of my life thus far, was completely spot on! You have confirmed for me what I have felt for a long time in regards to my current career, and my need to change direction. Concerning my own intuitive gifts that you saw within my chart, I will confirm that I have been seeing and hearing spirits since I was 3 years old. Thank you for all of your detailed explanations but, especially in respect to my rising sign. It is encouraging to know that you share the same rising sign, and were able to successfully overcome those same issues and conflicting energies. Thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement and advice to follow my true purpose. I will definitely be getting another reading with you in the future. Until then, continue to shine on with your incredible talents!

by Sophie
Amazing reading

Thank you Gregory for the most incredible reading - spot-on in so many subtle ways and the accuracy of your insights was astonishing. It has also given me the confidence to re-think the direction of my life. I can't wait to book another reading!

by Oskar
Thorough and Substantive Reading

I don't write many reviews, but I ordered a 30 minute reading and Greg actually went over the time limit because he made sure to complete the reading and go through all the houses. He told me about where I had each planet, Chiron, Blackmoon Lilith, and my favorite part was about my past life, which I can definitely see having happened. He answered my questions about my business, my education, and vocational aptitude with respect to each aspect of my chart. I'll definitely order another reading sometime in the future.

by Gvantsa
Thanks a million

Many thanks Gregory! The session was extremely helpful , interesting and informative. I will with great pleasure make another longer session in the nearest future.

Many thanks Gregory!

by Josephine
Wonderful person, so worth the wait

I can't thank you enough, you are so easy to speak with and gave me more than you could imagine. This was a great reading. I didn't have many questions, I listened and so much makes sense. Thank you.

by Magda
Heart Warming

Thank you Gregory, you made my day today with your very thorough and upbeat astrology reading, all my questions were answered as if you knew me personally for a long time. I even had a short view on my most recent past life! I love your work!

by Jessy

It was such a delight talking with Gregory. As a coach, I am sensitive to energy and Gregory gave me a clear, positive energy. He is clever, honest, and really encouraging. I got answers to my questions. I found this reading accurate, precise and straight to the point. If I have new questions, I will book a new session. A great professional and a great relationship expert 👌🏻 Just do it if you feel you hesitate you will get what you need to go further!

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