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by Jann Dewit
A privilege!

Hi, Gregory! It is a mere privilege to take part of your knowledge and your intuition! I contacted you in curiosity of my second Saturn return which is happening in my life right now. You confirmed and explained how I was on the right track about shifts in my life. Further you pointed out obstacles and sides to my person that I recognized, and which was most helpful to see. It instantaneously removed deadweight burden. I have gained insights, and a strengthened confidence concerning my new path. I feel so very lucky, you advised me to try meditation, - which is something that I already do since a couple of years back with great pleasure and great results. You even throw in, at the end, for me to maybe try cutting down on eating bread, - which is also something I already do since a couple of months back, - again with great results. So, you confirmed by the astrology that I am on the right track. Good news is always welcome, but it also humbles me. I knew I have abilities, but doubts and anxiety has always been strong inside me. The way you pointed them out for me makes them easier to handle. Your reading gave so much more than I had asked for and expected. There was so much of value in there. I have already run it through 4 times, and I will do it again. All I can say for now is thank you and wish you all the best! Hopefully we´ll meet again.

by Susan
Meant to be!

Gregory, what a wonderful way to start a Saturday! Clearly a destined connection! I found the reading thorough, spot on and immensely helpful, delivered in a kind but to the point way. What a gift! Grateful for it and look forward to checking in down the road as your success continues. Love and many thanks.

by Peter de Ruyter
A brilliant and powerful session!

Gregory provided a crystal clear, accurate analysis of this incarnational Journey of mine, providing insights as well as a sensitive clarification of the issues I wanted to explore about where my Life is at presently. Gregory’s reading has offered me a deep sense of Inner Peace and understanding about my Life Journey and Purpose right now, for which I am most grateful.

by Sabrina Capucci
The most beautiful gift

A full reading with Gregory Scott is the most beautiful gift you can give yourselves or to any other. Gregory will gently and lovingly guide you into the deepest journey of self discovery you can experience about your entire being. He will unveil secrets, shadows and gifts you always wondered about yourself. He will show you your true path, he will let you know your past lives and he will enlighten your dark sides and empower your light. His accurate knowledge and amazing intuition will allow you to meet yourself as you have never done before, and to learn how to love you and honor your truth. Gregory is a shining Soul and a precious gift for the Universe.

by Elizabeth Eagle
Crisis Passed - Gregory is Amazing

I couldn’t wait months for a reading with Gregory so I paid for a priority hour reading. I was basically in crisis mode so time was of the essence. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. He brought me through my crisis. His insights and encouragement could not have come at a better time… he confirmed my life path and purpose and now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m on the right track and spirit has my back. All his input rang true to my soul. He is kind, caring, unconditionally loving and very gifted psychically. My future is bright and his confirmation from the universe has blown me away. I learned of a past life that makes perfect sense in my life today. I am eternally grateful and look forward to another reading in the near future. He is truly an Earth Angel!

by Victoria
Reading video

Gregory Scott reviewed my chart with amazing
speed and accuracy. He is direct and to the
point which I simply adore. He gave me
insight in where to move and why those
places would enhance my life.
Food for thought and I will give
this quite a deal of introspection.
Thank you again for taking the time
to do my reading. All the Best.

by Desirae Golden

Gregory Scott is just the best! My sisters and I all received one hour intuitive readings and he left us feeling awed, inspired and blown away! He was spot on in many areas of our lives and provided great insight as well! Two thumbs up and five stars for Gregory! We will definitely will go to him again in the future! Thanks again for everything Gregory Scott!!!

by Sarndra Smith

I don't have the words to say how amazingly accurate and helpful Gregory's reading was. He made total sense of my life in an hour. The man's an astrological angel oracle genius - obviously doing what he was born to do. Thank God for Gregory is all I can say! Booking my reading was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Well worth the wait! Thank you Gregory and God bless you!

by Marlisa
Brilliant reading!

Gregory’s reading was spot on, he was beyond kind and patient with me and my technical challenges and also helped me with a better understanding of what my chart and planet positions actually mean! My reading was remarkable, every single thing he mentioned resonated with me and I felt incredibly inspired afterwards. Kindest thanks Gregory!

by Kira Catanzaro
Wise Beyond His Years

I have been very blocked in key areas of my life, career and romance, for a long time. Gregory helped me to see parts in my chart, that not only confirmed the frustration I'd felt, but showed me what was causing it. That nasty ego has been keeping me from my spiritual connection and from fulfilling my life's purpose. He gave me clear directions on how to move forward and helped me hone in on a path in alignment with my gifts and the ways I can use them in service to humanity. Feeling hopeful and energized, knowing that what I fear doing, is exactly what I need to do! Bless you, Gregory!

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