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by Freddy S.
Unlikely insights and very accurate advice

When I first listened to the reading, I remained silent for some time, a little blushing, and the only thing I could slowly express was "Wow" ... for a couple of times. It was completely in line with what I have experienced lately where I have and want to go with my life, but now I know why. It also had an undeniable shock effect for me. I got so much insight and advice in the most loving way, I certainly can take the next, most needed, steps now. Thank you so much Gregory and may you always be blessed. With much love.

by Charlene
Growing up

Thank-you so much for the exhaustive Reading of my birth chart. It has enlighten my life. You've made me understand the black points I just couldn't.
It has been the best experience I have had. You'll always find a friend in me.
Keep your inlook on to others. It's so embracing.

by Andrew A
Great Reading

Really happy with my reading from Gregory!

by Ash
*Gregory is an Inspiration*

This reading was so lovely * Thank you so very much for such a wonderful and helpful reading * You are such an inspiration to so many * This reading really hit me hard today in a positive way * I just recently lost a very close and dear friend tragically and have been quite lost and floating around the last 3 weeks. Everything in my life has shifted dramatically. * This reading has come at the perfect time for me. * This just sparked a light within. * Again I just want to say how much you have helped me this year * I am stuck on you 🙂 I am planning on contacting you in the near future for some more readings for friends and family * So much love * Ash * P.S. I would love to do a Skype Tarot Reading with you soon. It would be so neat to talk to you one-on-one 🙂 Have a wonderful day *

by Debbie
Exellent and Efficient

Wow! Just blown away. Not only was this the most insightful reading that I have ever had, it was extremely efficient. In other readings that I have had, I felt like I didn't "get my money's worth". Well, definitely not true here. He packed more into a 30 minute reading than you can possibly imagine. I can't wait to listen to the recording of the reading and to see where the next chapter of my life that he described takes off to!

by P.T
Amazing skills and clarity !

Incredible talents put at the service of clairvoyance.
A fast and eloquent speech, giving a maximum of clear and precise information.
A mix of grounded analysis and intuition channeled by our natal chart, which gives a truly complete result. In two words, Gregory is absolutely gifted and passionated.
I really appreciated the direct and frank words even on sensitive subjects, because Gregory has this peculiarity to present some negative aspects of a situation with humor and love. In my opinion, this is his very personal touch, a high sensitive one; which makes you listen with attention and intention to integrate each word.
I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to have these insights at the right moment.
I definitely recommend the skilled work of Gregory.
Thank you so much !

by Kathy
5 Stars - Excellent!

I just paged back through 11 screens of testimonials, spanning 10 months, on this site, and each one has 5 stars -- every. single. one. Even with just a glance at the titles, one can see that the impact of a reading with Gregory is quite profound. All of the accolades resonate with my experience of having a reading with him as well. EXCELLENT! Truly. Gregory is extremely gifted, professional and personable. I am pleased to add my voice to the chorus of praises and appreciation. Well done, Gregory! Many thanks and blessings to you.

by Theresa
Clarity and Motivation

My reading with Gregory was so very helpful. I have had multiple astrological readings in the past, but the way he incorporates the tarot, numerology and astrocartography, provides a whole other level of clarity. He was able to confirm things for me, answer questions and give me confidence and motivation that I will use to become “unstuck” and move forward with exciting new chapters of my life. I will absolutely meet with him again in the future! Thank you so much Gregory!!

by AG
Incredible insight

Gregory is a true professional and amazing at what he does. A truly gifted individual. He knows his stuff. Through my chart reading he confirmed many things I already knew about myself (I'm a medium) and provided a deeper understanding of them as well. I also learned at lot of new things about myself as well. I often revisit my reading for encouragement. Gregory provided so much insight and clarity. I definitely recommend getting a reading from him. Thank you, Gregory.

by Frances
Very helpful

I had to wait a long time before I received the reading, but it was worth every minute waiting!! The reading with Gregory was very helpful, he is accurate and thourough and has a great knowledge of astrology. Beside of that he is a kind and warm personality. I had enough time to ask my questions. Today I listened again to the recording and it amazed me again how spot on it is. Thank you very much Gregory!

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