The Intuitive Tarot Expert Course (ITEC)


The Intuitive Tarot Expert Course (ITEC)

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This is a 2 1/2 hour, in-depth course that is practical and fun. The course is in video format, consisting on 9 videos and covers the following topics:

1. Introduction


2. Interpretation

Signs, Symbols, Semiotics
Elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water
3. Major Arcana & the Fool’s Journey

4. Minor Arcana & Ace Cards

5. Reversed Cards

6. Court Cards

7. Spreads

Three Card Spread
Five Card Spread
Celtic Cross Spread

8. Forecasting

One Card Yes/No
Reversed Yes/No
Five Card Yes/No
Forecasting Specific Time Frames

9. Extension: Additional Card Meanings

I’ve been able to reduce the price without removing any content by putting the course into video format and it’s now available for only £17 / $30!

You can access The Intuitive Tarot Expert Course by clicking on the Add to Cart button above.

Once ordered you will receive an email with instruction on how to watch the course.

I am so excited to be able to present this to you and I look forward to the new community of tarot experts! With so much love, Gregory

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