Meditation for Abundance


This is a meditative session that explores the concept of abundance and what it means in your life. It is a 27 minute session that allows you to understand the blocks you have toward the idea of plenty, how to remove these and to invite infinite and lavish abundance into your life.

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Product Description

The audio file consists of a 5 minute discussion of what abundance is as a spiritual concept, how to tap into it, and what happens after you’ve tapped into it. Topics explored include:

• Abundance as a spiritual concept of plenty
• What creates lack?
• Channelling the divine flow
• Blocks created by fear
• Faulty beliefs
• Spiritual truth
• Realising your true nature

This is then followed by the 23 minute guided meditation, allowing you to examine the current beliefs you have about abundance in your life, how to tap in to the vibration of plenty and to feel it, and to affirm the truth of who you are. You then create a spiritual anchor that allows you to re-connect with this sensation of truth whenever you choose to. You become aware of how the process of manifestation works and what steps you can take to make it a reality in your life.

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